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I am needy as hell. It is 8:19 pm, my parents are talking about how their day went in the background and I can’t stop thinking about you. I want to sit with you on this sofa, have some cold coffee together, and indulge in a conversation that strikes both our chords. It isn’t much to ask for, is it? I’m needy as hell. It’s been a day since we spoke properly, and our talks lack the romance that swept me off my feet. I need a text from you that says, ‘Baby, I miss you and I can’t stop thinking about you.’ This isn’t too much to hope for, is it? I am really pampered or rather even spoilt. I’ve grown up with nothing but love and attention. I am used to getting everything I asked for. But now, with you, I can’t ask for these things. Or rather, I don’t want to.  I want these things, really bad, and as insane as this sounds, I don’t want to ask for them. I don’t want to ask for a conversation or some extra effort. These aren’t things I have to ask for in a relationship, are they? I don’t expec
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Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen has definitely been a hyped-up young adult fantasy book. Published in 2015, this story is set in a world where the people are distinguished and divided by the color of their blood. The ones with the superior blood are called the Silvers, and the commoners are the Reds. The protagonist of the story, Mare Barrow is a 17-year-old Red blood who despises the Silvers. She slowly discovers that despite being Red blood, she possesses a few unique powers that no Silver can ever take over. Subsequently, she becomes a threat to the structure and balance of power. The Silvers afraid of her capabilities, give her a new identity as a long-lost Silver princess. She is forced to live in the Silver society and is engaged to a Silver prince so that they could conveniently keep an eye on her.   In spite of living under the circumstance where one feeble mistake could result in her death, she is determined to secretly help the Scarlet Guard, a group that aims to bring dow

Shutter Island - A movie review

Shutter Island is an intense psychological thriller that’ll hold your breath till the very end of the film. Directed by Martin Scorsese, it stars two brilliant actors Leonardo DiCaprio (Teddy) and Mark Ruffalo (Chuck).  The movie, set in 1954, begins with Teddy being on the ferry that is destined to reach Shutter Island, a treatment facility that handles the criminally insane. He meets his partner Chuck on this ferry who would help him investigate the case of the missing patient Rachel Solando.  As these two begin to unfold the mystery of the missing patient, they grow suspicious of the treatment facility and are inclined to think that transorbital lobotomy was conducted on these patients. The place very cunningly suppresses those who question them by ‘proving’ and stating that they are crazy and need professional help.  With an attempt to reveal the dark side of the Island and escape the clutches of the doctors trying to prove Teddy is crazy, the investigation continues. The story als

Democracy and Mobocracy in Henry Ibsen's 'An Enemy of the People'

‘An Enemy of the People’ is a brilliant play written by Henrik Ibsen in 1882. This play was written in an era where the literature mainly threw light upon the hypocrisy and double standards of society. It humored and mocked various aspects of society from gender discrimination to materialism and including superficiality.  This play mocks the idea of democracy, showcasing that democracy is often guilty of idealism. It shows how people are usually blind to the actual truth and are more often than not are carried away by the lies that lie around them. This could be the influence of the people in power, the press, or just plain blind belief. The aspect of the citizens being brainwashed to not believe the truth is dangerous for the society and the people themselves.  This is very cleverly showcased by Henrik Ibsen in this play. The play is set in a small Norwegian town where the public baths that were being set up were supposed to be ‘the pulse of the town’. However, the protagonist, Dr

Get the hell out

You’re waiting for your friend at a mall. They promised to be there at 11 am but it’s been more than an hour already. You’ve called them a few times and you just grabbed a cup of coffee because you got tired of waiting.  You’re alone in a mall, you’ve got time to think and you start pondering over the thought that this isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s been months since you guys know each other and not once has this person come on time or taken the responsibility to change the time at which you meet.    You’re used to it now, but you remember the last time you got upset. You remember how they walked in an hour late to a movie and how you were angry at them. You also very vividly remember their response, “Aw babe, you’re just overreacting. It’s only a movie and how many times have I not waited for you without complaining.”    You believed them to be true and you agreed, and this topic didn’t come up after that. Every time they are late, you tell yourself, “You are o

My cup of comfort

It’s 2am, I’m sitting in the balcony, with a cup of hot coffee and thoughts fresh out of my mind while I write this. For a long time now, I haven’t been having a good night sleep, or any thought that cheers me up and if it weren’t for this assignment, I probably wouldn’t even ponder over such a thing. A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure. As I read this statement, I think about the times I was in circumstances that weren’t in my favor. The times where I felt lost and I couldn’t site any door opening up. But if there’s anything I learn from these circumstances, it is that everything we’re put into has a way out and often on our way out, we catch sight of the most beautiful thing ever. A new version of ourselves. Every circumstance leaves us with a choice, a choice to give way for the problem to engulf us or a choice to cease the opportunity and make the best of the problem we’re facing. The choice to make the best with what we have is definitely the harder

Offence much

  I was on a phone call the other day when a phrase found its way into the conversation, “Girls are so much drama”. This didn’t come up from that sexist uncle who decided that woman ‘belong’ to the kitchen, or the auntie who told me that I’d look prettier if I lost some weight. Honestly, I would’ve been a little less sad if it came from one of them. It instead came from a friend of mine, of my age with the same amount of education and exposure to our world. It was disheartening. The cherry on top was how all the other people who listened to this reacted. They refused to take action voluntarily. They simply agreed or laughed at it. I have never been accustomed to accepting what doesn’t seem morally correct to me, so I raised my voice against it. This bought about an awkward moment for everyone else around and gave space and reason for them to ask me to ‘calm down’ or call me ‘extra’. So, here’s what I want to say about this age-old assumption. For several years, we’re used to listening